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Sage Township Zoning & Planning Commission

We are a committee of township residents that help guide building, zoning, and future infrastructure in Sage Township.

Zoning Board Administrator

Mike Stumpfig is the Zoning Administrator.  He can be reached at 989-573-0336.

Township Assessor

The Sage Township Assessor is Mike Houserman.  Mike can be reached at the township hall, by cell phone at 989-302-0848, or by email at

Zoning & Assessing: Agenda & Minutes

The Assessing Department’s primary responsibility is fairly and equitably assessing the value of property within the township at 50% of its True Cash Value or Market Value, as required by the General Property Tax Act.  To accurately do this, periodic on-site inspections are necessary to ensure the data used in preparation of the assessment roll is accurate.  The assessor is also responsible for maintaining taxable value calculations required under Proposal A of 1994, maintain property ownership records, maintaining land descriptions, processing land divisions or combinations, maintaining and filing required reports with the State Tax Commission, and timely answering questions presented by the public and township officials.

Zoning & Assessing: Text

Sage Township Information

Need to find assessing information for a specific parcel?

Click here:  BS&A Online

Economic Condition Factor Analysis

Land Value Analysis

Zoning & Assessing: Forms & Permits

Forms & Permits

Land Division/Boundary Adjustment Application

Land Combination Form

Sage Township Zoning Ordinances

Zoning & Assessing: Forms & Permits

Links to Common Forms

  • Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit

  • Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption

  • Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption

  • Property Transfer Affidavit

  • Affidavit for Disabled Veteran Exemption

  • Claim for Farmland (Qualified Agricultural) Exemption

Zoning & Assessing: Links
Zoning & Assessing: Links

Zoning Maps

Sage Township Zoning Map

Pratt Lake Zoning Map

Wiggins Lake Zoning Map

Zoning & Assessing: Forms & Permits
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